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So, I prepared for you new article about last year. Obviously. I wanna introduce my most favourite cosmetic products, fashion products I bought, favourite foods, coffees, people and moments. I think it was amazing year! No month boring month or anything like that. I have nice memory for almost every week from this year thanks to my hobby - photography. 

Hope you had amazing as well and better and I wish you all the best in 2016!!!

P.S. First photo is from my hometown Brno. I was coming back home from party which I was shooting. It was summer around 5 o'clock a.m. and I felt something I cannot describe. I just started making pictures with the magic consistence of the lights from street lamps and sunrise. It was the best idea of the year 2015 (and I was think that I'm good just in photoreports haha).


1. CHANEL PERFECTION LUMIÉRE is my favourite make for 2015. You will put it on your face in the morning and he will stay there all day. I promise! Plus he has perfect covering, spf 10 and I don't feel him on my face.

2. BENEFIT PORE PROFESIONAL is totally best primer ever. Your pores are really invisible when have this product, but it's for few hours not all day. Anyway you can use during the day. I puting it after day cream wait a minute a then I put the make-up. With my chanel is it great combo.

3. BENEFIT BIG EASY and again Benefit. Well this BB cream doesn't make extra cover just make your skin in one colour. This product is not good for winter but for summer is it best becouse he makes skin smooth and you can forget on your oil spots.

4. CHANEL LES BEIGES  this powder was made for. He has perfect smell and I don't wanna use any else powder. 

5. BENEFIT THEY'RE REAL PRIMER thanks to UK Elle I get this mini version. You can wear just this or with mascara. What I have to say when you wear just this primer is it enough for your lashes.

6. EYEKO BLACK MAGIC I never seen so perfect brush on mascara. When you work with this brush he is coloring every single lash. I love it.

7. NARS ORGASM this is my first blush ever. I used on my face just bronzer from Sephora, but when I heart about famous of this blush I neede to try it and I made good decision. No more bronzers in my lyfe haha.

8. SEPHORA CONTOURING 101 FACE PALETTE honestly when I saw this palette I said to myself that I have to learn to countouring my self. And I did with this beauty is it really easy.

9. GOSH LIPSTICKS TWILIGHT & DARLING this year in my 23 years old life I started to using lipsticks and thanks those 2 it's became obsession. I want another colours in pink and dark red ohh!

2. Best buy's of 2015

1. MIRROR WITH SISI I wanted to buy last year in Vienna, but I was think that I don't need it. I was so wrong! I was thinking about this cutie all year. So one of the to do in Vienna was to buy this mirror.

2. PLAYBAG backpack I wanted since I was shootin Dyzajn Market in Prague. I spend there few minutes with thinking about this one. This year I wanted to buy another backpack, but it was soldout so we came to buy this and love it and all my friends in Prague love it too.

3. THIERRY MÜGLER ANGEL is a parfum which I always wanted for prechristmass and chrsitmass time, but in that last few years I was using anothers. But! This year I finished my parfum before adent so I could buy dream Christmass parfume.

4. CLAIRE'S earrings are the cutest and only earring which I bought this year. Seriosly, I didn't buy any other. But those snowflakes I really needed haha.

5. SHOES from River Island this pair is my dream pair. I love this design and they are really comfortable and warm.

6. MARC JACOBS watch was my dream I have no idea how long. I bought them on Black Friday with sale and I'm so happy for them.

7. SILVER NAILS with those little mirrors was everyone excited. I remember how my friend few years send me a link with picture of those. Since that time I really wanted this ones. Well took those on one Fashion show which I was shooting but this kind of nails is nothing for even if it's look so beautifull.

8. IPHONE best mobile you can buy. I had Blackburry, Samsung, Nokia Lumia, MI...I'm telling you better phone then Iphone doesn't exist!

9. CANON 50 is for me the best buy of the year! With this I started to shooting again and later I started to shooting better and better pictures. With better pictures I started shooting better events. So if you don't know if to buy equipment for your camera so my tip is definitely YES! All other things can wait.

3. Best foods of the year

1. MANGO is definetely best friut for 2015 I can't count how many I had this year.

2. LE BIG MAC from bistro Le Social in my hometown Brno is this one the best burger you can have.

3. CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA with yasmine rice made by myself that I'm so happy that I can make something so good like this. Who's gonna marry me? #no

4. MARINATED CAMEMBERT is my favourite cheat and this one I had in Prague at Henry's Cafe. This one isn't just the best of 2015 but the of my life!

5. DELMART SALAD when I was in Prague I wanted to try this recomended bistro. Some people not happy with size of small salad but for me it was too much. Hope you visit this bistro you can have any type of salad you want becouse you choosing all ingrediences! And I met there our famous czech designer Maxim Velcovsky.

6. VIENNA VEAL SCHNITZEL I was in Vienna so many times and I never had this typical food, but this year I changed my life haha. It was first time I had veal meat and it was sooo yummy! Next time  I'm gonna eat this again.

7. SUSHI I've never needed to try fish with rise but once sushi was in M&S in sale so I said why not and I fallen in love with this food!

8. CHEESECAKE finally I came to the best recipe for my Cheesecake once I'm gonna make some article about it.

9. SALTED CARAMEL thanks to my friend in Prague which baking sweets in Coffee Room I know how to make my favourite type of cupcake.

4. Coffee

I really don't know what to wrote to this collage so just enjoy photos and see how I'm adicted.

5. Best moments of the 2015

1. WEDDING especialy this was the best shooting I've ever made!

2. UNITED ISLANDS OF PRAGUE was for me great becouse of Prague (obviously) and I was with great people plus that line-up.

3. HRADY.CZ another great experince where I met nice people which I'm in touch till now.

4. MARIÁNSKÉ LÉTO I think that on this festival I became a event photographer which I want to be. All the moments which I wanted to catch I catched and that's really great feeling.

5. BERLIN was the destination of 2015 which I wanted to visit and when my friend told that she wants to go there we just booked the hotel and train.

6. VIENNA is my Christmass must.

7. PRAGUE I was there just three times and I'm really glad that I could. I totally love this city and once I wanna live there.

8. ENGLAND I was talking about my move to England one year, but I've never thought it will be so easy. Everything hapened in two days and I'm really gratefull for that.

9. KVIFF is the bigest and most famous event in Czech Republic and I was shooting there street style which was really easy there for me. 

6. Lovee's

1. Noah is boss of one club in Brno I was photographer there and we became good friends.
2. Marek & Klara lovely part of my family I just love them.
3. Honza & Tereza best friends from college. I have only funny moments with them in my memory and they are really loayal.
4. Jiřina aka Dahlia is my bestie from Prague.
5. Jarmil & Monika best guys from my hometown.
6. Stoyan & Renata is my good friends from my current workplace.
7. Renata became my really good friend she is also my roommate but I love her for helping me in my worst.
8. Robert is one of the best DJ's in Brno and helped with my photography career.
9. Jacob this guy I know since 2009 and we made this photo in the summer 2015 but still better late then never.

7. Barbora (autor)

Well I just wanna say, that this year I learned to love myself so much that I making selfies haha. I used to hate myself on the photos and I don't know whats changed but here is 4 of me.

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