Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

čtvrtek, června 16, 2016

Today I wanna introduce my new serum. In few weeks I will be 24 years old so I think here is time to take some more care about my skin. I was sure that I want serum but I had no idea which one. I was reading lot of reviews and finally I've choose Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl's. I bought it in their store in Covent Garden where some man explained everything about this miracle.

You need to use it every night. Just three drops is enough. On the black applicator is little pump which I pressing before use and then I have in glass part exactly three drops. First I massaging it to my hands and then I apply serum to my face skin and neck.

Serum is based on lavender oil but no worries. You will feel the oil only during the applying but after you will not feel any irritating. I'm having red spots on my skin and this serum really helps me with this problem. I have it only two weeks but I can say that I see difference and I can't wait what I will see later.

I can recommend this serum all those women which still don't need to fight with wrinkles but need to take quality care about their face skin. 


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